10 Commandments

It's that time of year where people start to think about making that big change for the new year and all that usual new year new you bullshit they have been saying to themselves for the past fuck knows how many years.

You see, with a lot of people it's a cycle, they start, as soon as it gets a bit difficult, ie: other things happen and it doesn't become a priority anymore, they give up and do the same over and over again.

Hence why the fitness industry is full of quick fixes and fad diets and surprisingly enough you tend to see a lot of them around at this time of year.

They are hyenas preying on those that are not surrounded by those that are strong or aren't strong enough themselves to beat them away, or those that just don't want to put the bloody work in.

Anyway, if you are going to be making a change and starting fresh in January, hit up a gym here are 10 training commandments you should keep to.

1) You shall not train through pain. Discomfort is fine, discomfort is you taking your body outside its comfort zone, but the pain is your body telling you something is wrong, listen to it. 

2) Think of strength training as your main course and cardio as the side dish, they both have their place and you should spend your time and energy accordingly.

3) The hard boring exercises that you hate doing are generally the ones that work best, sorry to tell you and doing the same thing over and over is unfortunately the best thing to do.

4) You can always make an excuse not to train, but at some point you will have to make time as your body and health will tell you, or just remain weak as piss and unhealthy as fuck.

5) Train your bloody legs

6) Do your mobility work, I know it's boring but guess what it needs to be done.

7) Not everyone cares what you did for your workout and what diet you're on, stop going on about it to everyone you meet

8) Similar to above, no one really cares outside of the gym how much you lifted, drop your ego, drop the weight and get your form correct, remember quality first.

9) Stop being a budgie or gym bunny and train those muscles you can't see in the mirror, hit that posterior chain up, and believe me, you will feel better, walk better and others will appreciate being behind you in the queue at Tesco.

10) Keep it simple, stop overcomplicating things, stop reading everything about every single training method and this and that, at some point you have to get up off your arse and get in the gym.

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