10 Simple Things

10 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Here are 10 Simple ways to help you lose weight that you will read, go yep and then ignore because you know there is some special magic fad diet going on that will make things happen so much quicker. 

1) Hitting 10k Steps a day - or just move more than you are now.

2) Exercise Moderatly hard to very hard for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week. Get a bloody sweat on.

3) Not sure how many calories to consume, times your weight in lbs by 10-11 and you will be fine.

4) Eat enough protein to maintain lean muscle and increase it in some cases, want to know how much aim for 0.8 -1g per lb of weight.

5) Eat your veg, you're not 5 years old

6) Get some sleep, get of your phone and aim for 6-8 hours a night

7) Eat Mainly unprocessed nutrient dense food

8) Include a little bit of so called junk

9) Remove your crack from the house, if you have a trigger food that means once you start you cannot stop then don't have it in the house and don't fucking buy it.

10) If you can't do any of those but really feel you are ready to change then get a coach who will help you.

There you go, not bad is it, but heh fuck that, there is always a juice diet and some other shit, because you know you're special and that stuff up there won't work for you.


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