13 Things to Stop Saying

13 Things to Stop Telling Yourself

We have a habit of putting ourselves down and the ability to talk ourselves out of everything. We can end up believing we are not worthy when the one thing we should be doing is believing in ourselves, that we can do more than we think, that we are worthy.

So here is a list of 13 things we need to stop telling ourselves;

1) It’s too late for me now – it’s never too late, the only time it’s too late is when you take your last breath and you tap out of the world. If you are not happy with things, then wake up and change them today. No time like the present.

2) Life would be easier if I was younger – really! Would it, as we get older yes, we can have more health issues, but life gets easier when we get healthier, life is easier when you are stronger, day to day living is better. Unless of course you mean life would be easier when you had no responsibilities, then of course it would be but that would be boring.

3) I’m too old to change – see number one, you are never too old to change, if you’re not happy then make that change, work out what would make you happy.

4) Why is this happening to me – this is one that you end up saying to yourself when it all goes to shit, when life is throwing everything at you. The only problem is, this just makes the negative thoughts even worse, because you just end up feeling worse, so work out what you need to do to turn things around.

5) I’ve made too many mistakes in the past, I can’t do what I want now – ok so this does depend on what those mistakes were, but we can all change things around, you may not get to where you originally want to be, but you can get yourself away from where you are now.

6) I’m too old to jog – bullshit, jogging may not be for you because of knee issues etc, but if not all you have to do is move, walking fast is just as good the older you get.

7) My sexy days are over – only in your head, if you don’t feel sexy then change those thoughts, do something that will make you feel sexy, feel better about yourself, it could be training, losing weight it doesn’t matter do something that when you look in the mirror you start to believe that you are sexy again.

8) I’m too old to dance – nah you’re not, you are just too self-conscious about what other people think, standing up and moving to music, anyone can do it. Just dance like no one is watching.

9) Yoga is meant for people younger and more flexible than me – yoga is for everyone, no matter age or ability, if you are stiff as a board then yoga will help, if you older then yoga can help you feel younger.

10) I’m old and fat – see number 7, if you don’t like what you see change it, we can’t change our age, but we can change how we perceive ourselves and how we look and feel.

11) Losing weight is impossible – losing weight can be hard fucking work, you just need to be in the right frame of mind, eat less calories, drink plenty of water, sleep well and move more.

12) Bikinis are off limits – only if you believe they are, like what you see and believe in yourself and put one on. That includes you gentlemen if that floats your boat, I mean it is 2024.

13) It’s Impossible to get a good night’s sleep – it’s not impossible, you just have to work on it, work on a routine, work on what’s causing you to keep awake, work on it and fix it. If it’s because you have a baby, then it’s just time and getting through that initial stage. If it’s because of another reason then work on making sure you are giving your body everything it needs.

So, there you go, stop with the negative shit and start looking at yourself and talking to yourself more positively.


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