20 Things To Help Upgrade Your Life

Oooooo Look another list that you are probably going to ignore.

However, have a read and if you even take a couple of these into your life, then it can only be a good thing.

The little update to all your hardware and software.

  • Exercise is simple – Cardio is the equivalent of that instant response and gratification, it burns those calories easily. Whereas, lifting weights is like a long term investment and delayed gratification, this will make day to day life easier. Using a mix of this is the best way to live.
  • High Stress levels are avoidable, lifting weights can help this, the old saying if you’re not horny you’re not healthy. This goes for everyone. Lifting weights is a natural antidepressant without any negative side.
  • Carbs are not making you fat – Excess calories are the only reason you are fat.
  • Feeling sore is not a great indicator of progress.
  • Water is a great option to help supress your appetite if you are dieting.
  • The Quantity if your food will affect how you look, the quality of the food will affect how you feel.
  • Eggs are good for you, full of vitamins and essential minerals.
  • Peanut butter is not a great source of protein, it has more carbs and fats in it than protein.
  • Aim to avoid liquid calories as much as possible, stick to low calorie fizzy stuff and mixers and watch how much oil you are using in your cooking.
  • If you’re tired it will increase your hunger and stress hormones making it harder to lose fat because you will be eating too much.
  • Building muscle in the body is the best way to fight the aging of the body.
  • Higher protein diets will help suppress your appetite and helps build or maintain your muscle, also strengthen bone density which certainly is a bonus as we get older.
  • You can lose weight by consuming ice cream, pizza and having a beer if you are staying in a calorie deficit and if you eat really well 80% of the time, you will get there and not feel like you are restricting your life too much.
  • Get outside – get back to nature and feel the grass under your toes, getting out in the sun will lead to better sleep, better skin, more energy, and a better mental health.
  • The way you talk to yourself will affect everything about you, if you keep telling yourself you are a big piece of shit, then you will constantly feel that way. The constant negative talk doesn’t help you, so start to change the way you talk to yourself. You would never talk to your friends like it.
  • The gym can be intimidating but find one you can feel comfortable in and remember, no one there really cares what you are doing there, they are too busy worrying about what they are doing.
  • The heaviest weight at the gym is the front door. Once in everything gets easier.
  • If you are parent, it is not selfish to workout, when you do you will end up showing up less fucking stressed and will be happier around your kids.
  • Vegetables are low in calories so make sure half your dinner plate is made up of these.
  • The next 50 years of your life can be better than the past if you remember that health is wealth and worth investing in now.

There you go, another list of things to read, and then move on with your life, but if you have got this far, go back, and reread it and take it on board, print it off, stick it on your fridge.

But commit to making that change.


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