All Diets Work

All Diets Work

They really do, every single diet out there works. It doesn’t matter which ones you follow, they will all work.

Even that bloody cabbage diet from the 80s.

Basically every diet out there will fall into one of the following categories.

  • Tracking of Calories – You keep a good diary or use one of the many apps out there where you log all your food and drink and keep track of the calories you consume.
  • Time Restricted – This one is where you restrict the amount of hours in the day you actually eat. Otherwise known as intermittent fasting or as I like to call it skipping breakfast. There are so many different types out there but the most followed practice of this is the 16/8 where you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8, not 8 constantly but consume your calories in that window.
  • Removal of a Food Group -  This is generally where people will remove carbs from their diet, this then makes it harder to consume a lot of highly palatable type foods that are high in calories which are just fat and protein. Following this you tend to eat more whole foods and tend to feel more satiated.

The key though is the result of each of those, because they all do the same thing.

They put you into a calorie deficit which means you will lose weight.

You end up burning more calories existing than you consume. It’s a basic law of thermodynamics. Burn more than you consume and you will lose weight, consume more than you burn, means you will gain weight.

This is the only way you lose weight.

Each of those ways have their pros and cons.

There are always people that will say I am eating in a deficit or I am eating whole nutrient dense foods and not losing weight, but here is the thing, you’re not in a deifict and you can over eat eating whole nutrient dense healthier foods.

You may think you’re in a deficit, because some tool or formulae said so, but those formulaes etc don’t take into account who you are and you’re history.

This is where finding your starting point is important and then tweaking as you go and change things up, just remember you can always increase your output a bit more if you don’t want to drop your calorie intake any lower.

Also, don’t believe the watch of lies, the watch or tech that has told you that you burned so many calories doing that thing, once again remember these things are set on a formulae and will be generic.

What they do though is give you guidance and an idea on how things are going and this is the way they should be followed.

Remember though, if you are eating in what you think is deficit and not losing weight over time then you are not in a deficit.

Most people are really bad at tracking though, it has been shown that people can underreport the amount of food they intake by up to 50% this is because people are pretty crap at estimating the portion in front of them.

If you really want to track your calories you really need to weight everything and II mean everything. It will actually surprise you how much butter you are putting on your toast.

The thing to weight loss and in particular fat lose is the following.

You need to be in a deficit.

To achieve that deficit you need to be using some sort of restriction.

How do you keep it going, you choose a form of restriction that doesn’t really feel like a restriction for you.

We tend to follow a little bit more of a flexible diet here, we only remove things from peoples diet if it is having a negative impact on their health.

Want a glass of wine, great just don’t have the whole bottle.

Need some chocolate, brilliant just don’t eat the whole massive bar.

Also, remember what works for you may not work for others so you don’t need to tell people at work that you are only consuming dust because you’re off on holiday in 3 weeks.

All diets work because they are just a tool to achieve that deficit.

However, once again I will mention for the right money I am avaiable to phone you up once a day and tell you to sort your bloody life out.



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