Better People

Surround yourself with Better People

If you want to succeed in anything at some point you need to ask for help.

The people you ask for help from are people that are better at the thing you want to do than you.

It doesn’t matter which area in your life you are trying to focus on it just doesn’t matter.

To get better, you need to learn from people who are better at this.

Let’s start with work, you don’t know how to do something in particular, let’s say for example changing pipework on a radiator, now, none of us know how to do this instinctively, it’s not in us, but we learn from someone that has shown us how to do it, someone that has done it before a million times.

It enables you to get better at what you want to do.

If you want to get fitter, stronger, healthier then you want to be surrounded by people that are doing that as well, any having people around you that are further down the track than you can only help drive you forward.

This is what places like ours do, we have people that have been training here for 12 years and people that have been training here for 2 days, everyone here is at different stages of their journey and they use someone else to help drive them forward, using them to inspire them to keep going.

Knowing that it hasn’t been easy for that other person is also key, knowing that you will fuck up at some point but as long as you get back on it, everything will turn out right in the end.

Let’s look at it the other way.

If you are at the top of your game and you way ahead of everyone around you then how will you get better, where is your drive to keep getting better.

But if you surround yourself with people better then they will without you even knowing it, find that little bit more in you to help drive you forward.

Being surrounded by people that are further down the journey, a little bit better at things than you maybe will only help you grow as a person, they can help you challenge your own bias and make you think outside the box and just see things different.

By having these people around you can also bring on one thing, a support system, because we all know if you are working towards something it can be a lonely time and having those people around you can help bring encouragement and support when you need it and you think you can’t do it, because you at some point will think that.

The people you surround yourself with have a very significant impact on the results you are looking for in life.

Personally for me to become a better coach, I surround myself with people I look up to in this industry, I learn from them and this helps me become a better coach.

How do you go about it, well if it’s a health journey you are looking to get back, get yourself into a place where you feel safe and feel like they have your back.

If you are Wokingham, I may know somewhere.

But if not, do some research and go find the place that is calling you, the place when you walk in you go yep this is me.

Then surround yourself with them, throw yourself into it and take on board everything.

You do that, everything will be sweet.

Workwise, network, do your research, find the people other people that do what youre doing follow.

Learn from them and take yourself forward.

Become better humans by just becoming better at what you’re doing.


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