Blue Monday

So, according to the world, today is Blue Monday.

The most depressing day of the year.

Now, that is a bold statement.

This first came about from a press release from a Travel company in 2005.

Shock, horror.

A company trying to convince you to book a summer holiday and boost their own profits.

They said they used an equation to calculate the date.

Now this has been slatted by scientists as bullshit.

This is pseudoscience.

Some absolute shite made up to make people spend more money.

Now, I do get it, people will and can feel down at this time of the year.

Lack of sunlight.

The credit card bills start to come on in after Christmas.

It’s still a good couple of weeks until payday and it’s been a long arse time since a lot of people have been paid.

Mostly because a lot of firms pay their staff early in December because of Christmas.

Surprisingly enough, there is a happiest day of the year as well, which was funded by an ice cream company.

What a shocker, but a lot of people will buy into it as they buy into a lot of marketing bullshit.

So, what can you do to not sit there all day wondering at what point do I put the noose around my neck and finish it.

Well, instead of allowing it to take over and make you depressed, make Blue Monday a day to make yourself feel better about who you are and what you’re doing.

Yes, you will probably still have to do the mundane things we all do with life, but you can make time to do something to make you smile.

Instead of looking at the negative and worrying about why your trousers are still tight, why the bank account has tumbleweed running through it and you’ve already failed your attempt at your new year resolutions.

Looking at 3 things you do have, 3 positive things, what are your 3 things you can boast about.

Something else you can do is to make someone else smile. Surprisingly enough if you pass it on and do some random act of kindness then you will also feel good because you’ve made someone else feel good.

Aim to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, maybe have a bath before going to bed with Epsom salts to help you relax a bit and sink of too neverland.

Something else you can start to do if you are one of those people that suffer from SAD syndrome is you can pop and supplement with vitamin d, this will help make you feel all sunshiny.

Get out. Yep get the hell out of the office or the home for a bit, getting outside away from those computer screens and getting some fresh air in those lungs will help you feel better.

Eat better.

I don’t need to say anymore on that, just remember if you fill your car up with the wrong fuel it doesn’t work so well, so why do it to your body.

Lastly, tell yourself that today doesn’t have to be bad, it doesn’t have to be Blue Monday, today can be fucking great.

So, don’t let the media and the marketing departments tell you that Blue Monday is the day you will be feel the worst this year, don’t let them talk you into booking a holiday just to up their winter profits.

If you do book a holiday do it direct with and fuck the corporates.

Anyway this is the only Blue Monday we should be taking notice of today.

Spread the love people.


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