Hello, I’m Carol a 60 Something lady who spends most of her day at a computer working away and when I’m not at the gym I’m helping out with my daughter’s horse.


I don’t ride, I never have but I help out with the mucking out and walking them out and back in from the field.


Before I started training at The Fox Den, I was just going through the motions, day to day life, I didn’t exactly feel great, I had no energy and no real get up and go in life.


I hadn’t really trained before, mostly because of health reasons and only done a bit of swimming and walking, when I did venture into the gym I was basically pushed on to the cardio machines, the stepper, rower and never really shown how to use the weights machines and when I was using them we had little to no weight on them.


In the past, I used to feel intimidated in the gym by people lifting all the weights and didn’t really have any confidence to go and do it myself and just didn’t feel like I fitted in.


I enjoy coming to the Fox Den because it is fun and friendly, other members encourage you to succeed even if the challenges can be tough.


Things I’ve learned throughout this journey is that I can do things, I can believe in myself, I can push myself and achieve results, I have become more confident in myself.


There are of course things I still want to change,  I want to educate myself more about nutrition to help with making better choices helping me to feel better. I want to be able to postpone or avoid those illness that generally pop up as you reach your later years. I don’t want to be relying on medication.


I constantly ask myself if I can do it, I don’t like to fail but you set your goal and then you break it down into achievable goals and that is what you do here.


I feel better when I have been to the gym, even if it is hard work, you feel better for the rest of the day.


I would love to run 5k, I’ve never run before.


Training has helped me come back from an op I had, if I hadn’t done the training I had done before I would have been in a lot worse place than I was when I came out. Slowly building myself back up after has given me the strength and conditioning to be able to deal with it.


Working on zoom through Lockdown was a blessing, thank you, it kept me sane and helped get me through it.


I don’t have any particular favourite exercises, the variety I get through the small group pt and the classes cover everything, but probably the thing I enjoy most is bar work, getting into the cage, and doing squats and deadlifts with the barbells.


My least favourite is shoulder pressed, pushing those weights above my head is something I find really hard.


My piece of advice for anyone is, It’s never too late to learn and it’s never too late to start.


I started in my 60s, I thought I was too old, but I’ve shown myself I can do it.


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