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Dave Joined us after Lockdown 1, here is what he has to say about The Fox Den.


Before I joined The Fox Den for a mid-forties guy I was probably in reasonable shape but fitness waning, I think a combination of lockdown lifestyle and aging ganged up on me and I realised I needed to do something different.


I was aware of Pete, largely through the kids of friends attending his teen classes, and lockdown meant I was a bow to commit to a gym based around PT and classes rather than when work and other commitments would allow me


This is my first experience of 1:1 PT and in that hour per week I have pushed beyond boundaries I would have thought impossible 6 months ago. Beyond the PT the blend of classes available and tapping into Pete’s knowledge has supported great progress in the time I have been a member at the Den, and probably in less hours per week that I was doing previously.


The small community feels of the gym is way different from previous experiences where there might have been more space and equipment but a soulless individual experience.

Also, the transition to online during lockdowns 2&3 has been a saviour along with the generous loan of additional equipment from the den to help me continue my journey


It’s really helped me reset a few bits around balancing exercise and nutrition in a sensible way where I don’t feel a slave to either because I can be a bit smarter when I need to, and importantly over the lockdowns, my training has been a big help mentally as well.


I’m proud of the results I’ve achieved and can do a few things I couldn’t before, Pete has mentioned obstacle course races and while I’m not fully sold yet, if he says I will get there then I know it might need some hard work but we’ll get there.


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