Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

This little blog today is going to tell you all about the foods you shouldn't be eating if you are looking to get healthy, lose fat and be you but with an upgrade.

We will start this off with a brief list of things you shouldn't be eating.

1) Metal

2) Home Furnishings

3) Humans

4) Paint

5) Books

That is just a short list, I am sure you can add a load more things you shouldn't be eating.

You see demonizing food ends up giving you a bad relationship with food.

Food is food.

When it comes down to it, it all gets broken down into energy. If you use it all then you don't put weight on, if you don't you do, it really is that simple.

However, there are certain types of food you shouldn't be consuming.

1) Food that just makes you feel like shit. You know the type of food that just makes you want to sleep after, and leaves you with fuck all energy.

2) Any food that you as a person cannnot control the portions of once you start eating, whhat is your crack of food. That thing that once you start the whole pack goes. Personally it's Oreos. So I know if I am buying them I will eat the lot.

3) Realistically, any food you really don't like the taste off, however this does not apply to veg, eat your fucking veg, but life is to short to be eating loads of food you don't really like. 

4) Any food that may kill you or make you shit your pants. Anything that is going to have a very negaitve impace on your body.

Remember the following.

Protein is superb, carbs are great and fat is bloody tasty when combined a lot with carbs. 

Every bit of food has a purpose, so if you are looking to lose fat or just get a bit healthier then maybe if you followed the list above and focused more on whole nutrient dense foods for 80% of the time then you will be good as gold.


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