Getting Back To It

Getting back to it

We all have those places that we call our Happy Place, a place where we can switch off from the rest of the world, the places that calms us.

Don’t know why we call them that, because it makes it sound like the rest of your life is the bad place, and your only ever truly happy when you are at the so called Happy Place.

But, we all know this isn’t true, we know that we can be happy anywhere.

What these places do for us, is allow us to switch off from the digital world, mostly connect back to nature and allow our brains to dump all the stuff that is going on in there.

I have two places, not two places exactly but one where it is and the other is a general place.

For me it’s the following

  • Being by the Sea – Generally as long as I am by the sea it is all good, obviously if it doesn’t have a string of arcades behind it blinging and making a tonne of noise then it is even better, but sitting by the sea is one of those places.
  • Avebury – walking around the stones, sitting under my favourite trees and just  connecting with nature, a lot of people will say it’s the energy of the ley lines etc but who knows, all I know is, I feel calm there.

During my last break I was able to spend a lot of time sitting by the sea and indeed popping down to Avebury, it enabled me to connect back with nature.

The weather helped but just being there amongst it all just helps to switch it all off.

Sitting there you begin to realise how powerful Mother Nature really is and it happens whether we want it to or not.

We don’t control the weather, we don’t control the tides, so whilst there we observe and all we can be is be in the moment.

The flow of the tide, the breeze in the trees, all of these things can help switch our heads off from the day to day shit that we deal with and enable us to chill, to be calm and to then be able to focus on the important stuff.

I recognised that I need to do it more, need to be able to see the sea, sit amongst the stones and just be.

Our lives are hectic enough, we need to learn how to let go, without it resorting to getting off your tits on something. Don’t get me wrong, seeing the world through a bit of fuzzy vision sometimes can be great, but when it becomes the norm then you have to step back and think about what it is your actually hiding from.

So, the best thing for you, is to be able to find your place and learn to get back to nature, it doesn’t matter where it is but learn to get back to nature, stand there in it’s glory and take yourself away from the digital life we are living.

Just be.


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