Happy as a Pig in Shit

Happy as a Pig in Shit

You hear that saying a lot, and to be honest, if you look at the picture, you can understand where it comes from.

However, we are constantly told we should be happy, happy all the time according to social media, but this isn’t the truth at all is it.

We can’t be happy happy joy joy all the time, life can be a dick sometimes and we need to understand that sometimes we need to be sad.

That is life and how we grow and appreciate the good times even more.

A lot of people just experience sad.

They cannot see the happy in anything.

All that happens is they just see the negative and don’t focus on any of the good stuff that is happening in their life.

Don’t get me wrong, I know life can be a cunt, but there is always some positive things that happen to you every day.

Something we do here is we ask people to make a note of three positive things that have happened to them that day, it doesn’t have to be massive stuff. The small things all add up, then when you look back you can see those positive things.

We can all end up putting too much emphasis on the things we cannot personally control and allow them to affect how we are.

We choose to react to them in a negative manner then what happens to us is that everything else becomes shit as well.

We choose to go fuck it, what can I do about it then we can then get on with our lives without it having a negative impact on us.

We choose our we react to the situation.

How we react then controls how our lives move forward.

That is the thing.

We have all of this stuff going on in our lives, some things we can control, others we cannot but we have a choice to continue to allow it to lead us down a dark and sad path or choose to be as happy as a pig in shit.

Now, I’m not saying you should never get angry or pissed off, these are perfectly good emotions and come in very handy, but it’s when we allow them to take over.

Be pissed off, be angry but then move on.

Dust yourself down and get on with it.

Be that pig.


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