Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

You hear it all the time, you should be eating a healthy diet, you should be eating more healthy etc, etc, etc.

Yet, a lot of people still don’t really know what to do.

So, I am going to give you some advice.

Firstly, base every meal around protein, make sure you are getting a good wake of protein into each of your main meals, aiming for 25-50g per meal depending on your size.

Struggling to get that into your diet via your meals then look at adding protein into your diet in the form of a powder.

Eating nuts, adding oils and butter are all a good source of fats and omega 3’s however they are also very calorie dense, so use sparingly.

Rice and pasta are very easily absorbed carbs, and yes carbs are not your enemy, anyone that says they are can fuck right off. Using these can help keep your energy levels maintained throughout the day, but keep it measured.

Veg should be a part of every meal and I mean every meal, if you are sat there thinking that veg won’t work on the plate then maybe you need to change the meal.

Frozen veg, fresh veg, salad it’s all good, just make sure it is available in the fridge or freezer so you don’t have any excuse.

If you have a sweet tooth like so many of us then you can look at adding frozen berries to yoghurts etc, which will add that touch of sweetness without adding too many calories.

Look for low calorie puds like jellies etc, fruit and make sure if you like a fizzy drink you have the 0 calorie version around, I know recently there has been press about some ingredients can cause cancer, but unless that is the only thing you drink ever for the years and years it only has the same sort of risk as bacon.

Now, none of us really want to give up bacon, do we?

Except you vegans out there, how could you!!

How to fill you up?

Make the plate full of the green leafy stuff, salad leaves etc it has very few calories for the amount you are eating so is perfect for filling that gap in the belly.

Want to make it tastier?

Use some of the calories you have saved to add low calorie sauces to the meals, add herbs and spices to make it taste nice.

Learn how to cook and actually do it, prep if you need to but grow up, there is no real reason in this day and age where you can’t actually make a healthy meal.

You are solely responsible for the food you intake, so make sure it is good.


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