Before Joining the Fox Den, my fitness was at a good standard as I had been constantly running whilst occasionally doing strength training. I also play football multiple times per week so had a strong level of health and fitness.


I chose the Fox Den as my Dad had been going for a few weeks and recommended it highly to me as he was already noticing the benefits. A couple of football teammates had also gone before and had shown real improvements in their fitness and therefore the game.


In the past I had only ever trained strength and cardio separately, with my strength work being at a low intensity. At the Fox Den the training is always a high intensity, making you breathe hard and fast whilst pushing the muscles to the limit


It is great training at the Fox Den because everyone is there to improve their fitness and get the most out of it possible. Pete makes sure we are all focused without distractions and keeps us motivated and working hard. Everyone there is sociable and kind which means the training is always in a great, positive environment.


Training at the Fox Den has improved my football and allowed me to compete at a higher level. Also during lockdown, when motivation can be low and laziness can take over, the regular sessions have kept me moving and continued to allow leniencies in my diet to make sure I come out the other side of lockdown in good health. The daily sessions also help your mental health as you get to interact with others and get the body moving.


Since I’ve started at the Fox Den I feel like I have become a harder worker. The intense sessions combined with Pete’s guidance and motivation allow me to push my body further than what I thought it was capable of. I feel stronger than ever before and am able to do movements and exercises that wouldn’t have been possible for me before.


3 Words to describe the Den, Rewarding, motivating and beneficial


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