Before Joining The Fox Den, My fitness previously was very up and down. I would go through periods of working out a lot and then lose interest.

My Partner & I wanted a community vibe and somewhere we could turn up and be told what to do. I’ve never been good at leading my own workout!

I love the accountability of booking onto a class. I just have to get myself to the gym and then I know I will work hard because there’s a lovely group around me and we are all in it together.

The Den is a really great place to train. It’s hard but it’s fun. I love that everyone is at different levels of fitness but we all still end the session having pushed to our max.

I have lost weight and noticed a great improvement in my fitness level. I can workout with higher weights than when I started and feel more motivated than I have before to look after my body.

I have managed to lose half a stone! I’ve struggled to lose weight consistently before and now I feel I’ve learnt habits that will help me going forward. I was so pleased to have lost that weight!

3 Words that Describe training at The Fox Den, Challenging, welcoming, and supportive.


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