Learning from The Gremlins

The past weekend, Christmas Officially started.

You know that time don’t you?

When Hans Grueber falls.

However, this isn’t about Die Hard, it’s about the other Christmas Movie.

No, not Lethal Weapon.

I mean Gremlins.

Now, in this film it all went to shit when the rules of owning a Mogwai went out of the window.

  • Don’t put them in Bright Light
  • Don’t get them wet
  • Don’t feed after midnight.

Now, you can take this into your own life, not those particular rules but by having certain things to live by on a daily basis.

If you stick to them, life is good and the world is a better place. When you don’t it can all go to shit just like in the movie.

Here at The Fox Den, we have certain things we like our members to live by on a daily basis, it tends to make life easier.

  • Eat Better – get 80% of your food from good nutrient dense sources, by doing this you the other 20% won’t have too much of an impact on you.
  • Hydrate - Unlike a Mogwai, we need water and a fair amount of it, without it apart from pruning up we just don’t function well as humans.
  • Move More Daily – Just moving more outside of the gym, going for a walk etc, just moving more will help your body feel good and it helps you keep control of the weight.
  • Recover Well – When we train hard we need to recover well, which is why we have a stand alone platform for all our members so they can have stretching sessions, Yoga, Pilates and guided meditations on tap.
  • Enjoy Life – We are only here for a short time in the grand scheme of things so we should all be trying to enjoy what we can, be happy with you and everything you have around you, do stuff that makes you smile.
  • Keep Focused – None of us can stay focused forever, so when you notice things start to drop off, bring yourself back and remember your why for starting.
  • Don’t be a Dick – See number 5, be nice to other Humans, we are all here to make the most of it. Just be nice to people.

If you follow those daily rules to live by and let’s be honest it’s not that hard. Now there will be days you can’t hit all 7 of them but like number 1, if you can get 80% of them done each day you will be all good.

Otherwise, who knows you could end up rewiring a stairlift and cause a great big accident or find yourself in the cinema singing along to Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

Remember, life can be easier and not so much a struggle if you are in a good place.

We all know life can be tough, so why make it harder for yourself.


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