Testimonial Tuesday

Time to find out from another member of The Fox Den.


Before Joining The Fox Den my fitness & health was very poor. I was 3 stone overweight (and I am still overweight but working on it) and was doing a very little exercise.

I chose the Fox Den initially because it is so close to home for me and my wife is also a member and recommended it would work well for me. What clinched it though was the thorough consultative approach Pete took to my overall wellness and condition and the easy first-month taster membership. The gym is also really well equipped, clean, and well maintained.

For me, a tailored workout program designed to provide top to toe conditioning is what I need – I have had short bursts with PT but the costs of that on top of the costs of a gym are prohibitive for me.

What I really like that is different is that I can have that tailored routine, managed and monitored by Pete but also have the atmosphere of a group class.

Training at the Den is for me the best gym experience I have found to date. It’s not just that the equipment is all new, well maintained, and really well provisioned, it’s the atmosphere and genial environment that Pete has created.

Booking into pre-arranged sessions means that you always have access to the equipment and stations you need (when not in lockdown) and because it isn’t a huge sprawling Gym, there is always a great vibe going and banter between everyone involved.

This is the first gym I have joined that I genuinely look forward to attending and that has given me the confidence that it’s not a transitory fad that I will end up dropping

Since joining the Fox Den I have pushed myself physically in ways that I have never done before when managing my own workout at do-it-yourself gyms.

I’m finding that I can do far more with this rather tired and knackered old body than I thought I would be able to.

3 Words to describe The Fox Den Fun, rewarding and HARD!


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