Tuesdays Testimonial Day, this week we find out from Teagan, what it is like to train down at The Fox Den.


Before training at The Fox Den my health & fitness was pretty good, I used to train Maui Thai twice a week. But my strength was pretty lacking.


I actually met Pete at Maui Thai and had a chance to train with him on the pads. Was nice to be able to train with someone who knew what they were doing. Once I had a meeting with Pete and we talked about my goals and set targets, I started right away. He showed he had a good knowledge of how to achieve my goals and I didn’t feel like I was just being put on a generic program that most gyms do.


I’ve trained at gyms in the past with their trainers and you don’t get the engagement and guidance that Pete gives.


I love training in the Fox Den. The other members are all friendly and welcoming. There’s plenty of equipment to use to be able to get a good session in. The atmosphere is always so chill and you get plenty of space to do your thing. Pete is always by in case you need him. If something in your program isn’t working, Pete will work with you to change it for something that suits you. I.e, if a specific exercise is hurting or difficult due to injury, it’s flexible, there’s always another way Pete will suggest to make it better and suit you.


It’s like therapy now rather than just going to a gym to lift weights. I can be having a crap day and come out smiling after a session.


For a long time, I’ve tried to increase the size of my legs and bum, I’ve never been able to get even remotely close to what I want in the past. But since training at the Den and with Pete’s guidance, I’ve actually been able to make amazing progress, as I now know what exercises I need to do to target those areas, as well as what my diet needs to be in order to help build the muscle.


3 Words to describe The Fox Den Kickass, therapeutic, awesome.


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