2 Sides

Two sides

We all have two sides to our mindset,

  • Unhappy, this is shit
  • The We got this, Happy & Strong almost Ultra.

Which one is more prominent will depend on which one you feed.

I come across a lot of people that say to me they wish they could run, bike, lift weights and that they could get into shape.

They wish they had the self-discipline needed or self-control to do it.

Like it’s some sort of mysterious gift that only a few are born with.

This as we know is bollocks, it all comes down to how you talk to yourself, which side of your mind you listen too.

Let’s have a look at an example.

Exercise (Shock horror)

You don’t like exercise, mostly because walking, running, biking, swimming, lifting weights etc hurt so much when you first start and then it becomes hard work keeping it up.

However, you know that sticking to your commitment to exercise 3 times a week will make you more energetic, healthier and be confident in yourself.

So, when the alarm goes off in the morning or you have got to the end of your working day, the unhappy side of your mindset can start to kick in.

You start to hear yourself say, we’re not getting anywhere with this, why bother, this is shit, why am I doing this.

At this moment you have a choice.

You can either listen to it and do fuck all and fall of the wagon and then say you can’t do this, you don’t have the ability to keep this up etc etc, it’s just who you are and continue to say to yourself you are a failure and are not worth it.


You can change how you are talking and let the happy mindset start to take over and start to tell yourself.

We have come this far; we know we feel great after we are done.

You know that by doing this is also great mental resilience training.

The more you do something the more it becomes easier to tap into.

Want to have more of a happier mindset where you believe in who you are and what you are doing then you need to start working on it, bit by bit.  

Is it easy?

Of course not, but life isn’t.

Will it become easier, of course it will, it will start to become the norm and then the new confident person who stands up and does these things will become the person you see in the mirror.

Stop looking for the easy way out, tap into it and it will be worth it.


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