Our natural instinct as a human is to survive.

We are naturally programmed to stay the fuck alive.

This is all well and good when we need it to be, like when our life is at risk and we need that instinct to kick in

However, it can come into play too often.

It can end up taking over and causing us to freeze where we are because it is safe and not a scary place.

That old comfort zone.

We all have a tendency to go to the negative straight away.

What might go wrong.

What could go wrong.

Worrying about stuff that may not even happen.

Worrying about what others may think.

So, therefore not actually doing anything and just staying alive.

Being comfortable.

Having a shit load of negative thoughts in our head.


We can change it.

We can do something about it.

We have a choice.

But, it’s not easy, it takes work and effort to do it.

You can change that initial thought process and go fuck it and just go for it.

Most of the time, what is the worst thing that is going to happen?

Most of the time, certainly not death.

When things happen, notice that you are going to the negative and start to turn those thoughts around into the positive.

Write stuff down, get the negative shit out of your head, then delete it or throw it away if you have too but get it out.

Once down on paper you can see better and look to turn it around into a more positive thought process.

Remember this.

It doesn’t have to be negative.

You have a choice about how you react or think about things.

You get to choose.

How do I deal with it?

I write it down, get it out of my head, no one else is going to ever see it, I delete half of it and then go train.

It is something that always helps me feel better.


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