Summer Ready?

It’s this time of year when we see a load of social media posts from this industry telling you summer is coming, the holiday season is nearly upon us and we need to be summer-ready.

I mean what the fuck does summer ready even mean?

If it means digging out your summer clothes and putting away all your winter jumpers then boom, you’re summer-ready.

However, what these posts generally mean is it’s time to lose that winter timber as my god don’t even think about going down to the beach looking the way you do and please for the love of Christ do not put a swimsuit on.

They can all go to fuck.

This is why we don’t run 6-week plans to get you into shape for this and that, we never have, and I don’t believe I ever will, it’s part of the industry that fucks me off.

Constantly working on people’s insecurities.

Don’t get me wrong a vast majority of people that come here initially want to lose fat and yes, we do have fat loss groups for those that want to take part.

Now this is the reason behind that.

A lot of people do need to lose some timber purely for health reasons, not so much aesthetic reasons. If you are overweight and have a high body fat % then even losing 10% of your body weight can decrease your mortality rates from certain diseases by up to 50%.

So, yeah for health reasons get on it.

But, can we get back to focusing on the good reasons why exercise and resistance work is so good for you and not just because you look good naked.

Some of the benefits of just exercising are

Mental Health Boost

Exercise is a powerful tool for our mental health. Engaging in regular physical activity can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, often referred to as “feel-good” hormones, which can improve mood and create a sense of well-being. Additionally, exercise can enhance cognitive function, improve memory, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline as you age.

Stress Reduction

Life is fucking stressful, and finding healthy ways to manage stress is crucial. Exercise provides an excellent outlet for releasing built-up tension, especially boxing. Activities such as yoga, running, and even brisk walking can help lower cortisol levels, the body’s primary stress hormone. Regular exercise can also improve your body’s ability to handle stress more effectively over time.

Improved Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for overall health, and regular exercise can play a significant role in improving sleep patterns. Physical activity helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Engaging in moderate to vigorous exercise during the day can lead to more restful and restorative sleep at night.

Enhanced Energy Levels

It may seem counterintuitive, but regular exercise can increase your energy levels. Physical activity helps improve cardiovascular health, which allows your heart and lungs to work more efficiently. As a result, you’ll have more stamina and energy to tackle daily tasks and enjoy your favourite activities.

Social Connection

Exercise can also provide opportunities for social interaction and connection. Joining a fitness class, sports team, or running club can help you meet new people and build a supportive community. Social connections are vital for mental and emotional health, and exercising with others can enhance your sense of belonging and well-being. It is always nice to know you are not alone.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Regular physical activity is a powerful preventative measure against many chronic diseases. Exercise can help reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and high blood pressure. It also supports healthy weight management, which is crucial for preventing obesity-related conditions. By incorporating exercise into your routine, you invest in your long-term health and reduce the likelihood of developing serious health issues.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness focuses on exercises that mimic real-life movements, improving your ability to easily perform everyday activities. You can enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance by incorporating functional exercises into your routine. This can lead to a more active and independent lifestyle, especially as you age, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. This is what I’ve been saying for years, being fit and strong just makes your day-to-day life so much easier.

Emotional Resilience

Exercise can help build emotional resilience, giving you the tools to cope with life’s challenges more effectively, I mean let’s be honest, life has a lot of challenges. Physical activity can serve as a healthy coping mechanism, providing an outlet for frustration, anger, and other negative emotions. Over time, regular exercise can help you develop a more positive outlook and improve your overall emotional well-being, I mean let’s be honest, it’s a better option than killing someone.

When these posts though go on about being summer-ready it is as I said earlier invariably about walking around with not many clothes on and apparently, this then brings confidence in how you conduct yourself.

In all honesty, if you want to wear a swimming costume at the beach wear a fucking swimming costume at the beach, don’t just start trying to do everything now, i.e., tidying up your diet, trying to walk 1500000 steps a day and getting 2 gym sessions a day when you’ve done fuck al for ages.

Yes start but don’t expect to do everything straight away, look for other reasons why you want to train and exercise. More for your health.

Now, if you want to be beach ready so to speak, or summer ready let’s start to look at firstly we have to redefine the beauty standards we have been fed for years and years. It fully encompasses diversity, uniqueness, and authenticity. By telling society’s narrow standards to go fuck itself and embrace your beauty, you can begin to cultivate the confidence to be summer ready regardless of your size.

The key to all of this is the power of acceptance, to fully appreciate the body you have and everything it can do. Your body helps you experience all kinds of fun-filled things, it does deserve to be celebrated for what it can do, so give yourself a bit of compassion.

A few things to work on

Surround Yourself with Positivity

I say this a lot in these things but spend time with people who uplift and support you. Avoid negative influences or environments that make you feel self-conscious about your body. Positive energy and encouragement from friends and family can significantly boost your confidence.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Replace negative thoughts with positive chats with yourself. Remind yourself of your strengths, qualities, and accomplishments. Speak to yourself with kindness and respect just like you would to your best mate.

Focus on the Experience

Shift your focus from how you look to how you feel.

Take Small Steps

If the idea of wearing a swimsuit on holiday feels overwhelming, take small steps to build your confidence. Start by wearing it at home, then gradually move to more public settings. The more you expose yourself to the situation, the more comfortable you’ll become.

Remember we are all unique in our ways, there is no one-size-fits-all way to be summer-ready, embrace who you are and focus on the positives, if this means hitting the gym then brilliant but don’t just do it for a holiday that is coming up, do it for the older version of you that just wants to be better.

Shifting your focus away from the aesthetics side of things and more into overall wellbeing can lead to a healthier relationship with exercise, food and more importantly you.

So, find something you enjoy, start to be kind to yourself a bit more, and then you will be summer-ready all year round.



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