Today is World Health Day

Now they this year are looking back on 75 years of working to achieve Health For All.

I firmly believe every single human being on this planet deserves the chance to live a healthy life.

Thankfully here in the UK we have one of the most amazing things ever invented to help with that the NHS, however we also have a government that sees it purely as something they need to remove so one they can make more money and two control the masses.

That is not what this is all about though today.

Although if you would like to sit and here me out on all things fuck the Tories then I more than happy to sit down and partake in a chat over a lovely glass of red or a few rums.

Today I want to talk about a vast majority of people not giving themselves a chance at a healthy life.

I mean, we all have prioritises, kids, family, work etc and we all need to take care of those things.

However, if we don’t start to take care of ourselves then how can we do the rest of it.

A vast majority of us work for a company that will replace you within a minute if you are unable to work or die and not think much about it. All they want to do is make money.

Now I get we need to work to finance our lifestyles, but don’t you want to be able to enjoy that life?

Don’t you want to be able to work better to help fund that life?

Our kids and family, what happens to them if you are not healthy, fall ill and cannot take care of them?

Wouldn’t you rather be able to take care of them and do stuff with them for longer?

Be around longer?

What happens if you don’t prioritise your own health? At some point you won’t be able to continue doing the things you do.

I mean, even myself, I try to make a difference to one person every fucking day, what happens if I don’t take care of me, I don’t eat right, train etc then I cannot help anyone, I become a shit coach, I can’t do my job. This is why when I notice it is all getting too much, I will take a strategic day off to replenish the batteries, I eat well, I train regularly, when I know things are running low, my training changes becomes less intense but still happens.

If I am not right, I cannot be a good husband, father and coach.

If you are not right, you cannot be either.

So, start to take your own health more seriously before it all comes back around and bites your arse.

Make sure you are eating well, lots of veg, decent amount of protein, drink plenty of water and get some sleep.

Make a non-negotiable in your life, training doesn’t have to mean getting to the gym 4-6 times a week, it could be twice, those two times could be all you need to switch your head off.

Set yourself a non-negotiable to move more daily, to get outside and go for a walk, you don’t have to just head to the gym.

Be kind to yourself, stop talking about yourself negatively, talk to yourself like you would your best mate.

You wouldn’t turn round and say negative shit to your best mate, you big them up and give them praise.

So, do it to yourself as well.

Start doing that and see the difference.

You will start to look and feel better about yourself.

You will be a better parent, husband, wife and find that you can take of things in a much more productive way.

Put yourself first in a good way, to enable you to be better for others.


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