Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear

Yep, it's time again for those movie reviews and the message you can take from them and get your life moving in a positive direction.

It's been a while I know, but I feel it's time to get them back out there.

So, Cocaine Bear, yep it sounds ridiculous and in a way the movie is, totally out there and bloody hilarious. 

Now, it is actually based on a true story, well the truth is there was a fuck tonne of Cocaine dropped into a national park in amercia and a bear did find it and consumed it.

That is as close to the real story as it gets.

I mean let's be honest, at that precise moment before he overdosed that bear was the most apex predator on the planet.

However, it didn't last long, he died of consuming a shed load of coke, probably happy but still died.

Now, the film goes on to one where the bear goes on a rampage and takes apart everything and anythijng in it's way.

It is brilliant and bloody funny.

I totally reccomend it for anyone out there to go watch.

How does this help you with your journey.

The only thing I can say is, you need to take some time out for you, switch off and forget about the world, for me that was a very enjoyable 90 minutes and we should all take time out and enjoy ourselves.

Taking time out and switching your head off is vital to enable us to move forward and continue to go at a higher pace and work better.

So, go watch Cocaine Bear and enjoy yourself, eat some popcorn and laugh out loud.


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