Creed 3

Creed 3

The next installment in what is the Rocky Franchise.

Now, this movie is what it is, it's a good boxing movie with a message.

Don't they all have one now!

Anyway, I liked this one, and felt this is something you can take on into your own life.

This is something that will hold a lot of people back as well.

Your past.

For a lot of people, what has happened in the past will tend to hold them back, they use it as a reason for them to be where they are.

They can allow it to become a chain around them, like Jacob Marley has in A Christmas Carol, it weighs them down and slowly they allow it to define them.

It becomes them.

Because they choose to allow it.

Now, ask yourself one question, can you change anything that has happened?

The answer is no.

You can learn from it and not allow it to happend again or use it to drive you forward.

You choose.

But, to move forward you have to be more Creed.

You have to fight for what you want.

You have to work bloody hard to achieve your goals. Nothing comes easy.

But you have to let go of what was.

There was a great moment in the film where there is a voiceover saying

I need you to let go of your fear

Let go of your guilt

let go of whatever was

and walk into what is

You can only control the here and now.

How you react to that is down to you.

Let go of the past to allow yourself to move forward.

Become free.

Take that step and run up those Rocky steps and fling those arms up.

Remind yourself you can do it.

You can live without that chain.


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