Happy New Year

I Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year, let's all hope 2022 brings an end to the past two years and we can all start to really build and go forward from this all.

It can be a tough time for people, this time of year, thinking about the past, people they have lost and thinking about the future, worrying about stuff that may not even happen. 

Here are a few things to help if you are experiencing a time right now a little tougher than you would hope.

1) Mental chatter - this is tough because it is just there, going over and over, you cannot tell yourself to think about something else, the more you try, the more thoughts you don't want to think about entering. Try exercising, or engage in something else, and go somewhere that will feed your heart.

2) Over reading into things, when a minor issue arises we can have a tendency to go into overdrive, so acknowledge that these thoughts may be exaggeratedly negative, replace the wording from what if to we'll see.

3) Mindreading, is where you are constantly trying to figure out what people are going to say or do, focus on what is important, you tend to then spend less time thinking about your individual role and more about that bigger picture.

4) Rumination of the past, this is where we spend time thinking about a mistake we may have done or something we have done in the past, replaying it over and over, you can't change what has happened so either learn from it and makes sure it doesn't happen again and move on from it but notice and remind yourself that most of the time these thoughts are not productive. 

5) Anxiety, worrying about the future, this is where we constantly worry about the things that may not even happen, make a commitment to yourself to become more aware of your present, and in doing some your focus is taken away from what if.

Have a cracking New year and promise yourself that you will be in a better place at the end of 2022.

Keep Smiling

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