Before training at The Fox Den my fitness levels were not great – had slacked off over the summer.


The Fox Den was recommended by a friend who is also a member. It is just down the road from me so I can walk there and back which is a bonus. I find the class times and variations suit me perfectly!


It had got to a point that I wasn’t able to book classes through my previous gym as they reduced numbers so much due to covid.


I go to the classes which are small, meaning you have the comradery and support of others, but it also feels personal as Pete ensures you are doing everything correctly, motivates you when you are flagging, and can adapt exercises for any injuries you may have.


It is fun and with a fair few of the sessions being up to 30 mins – there is no excuse to not find the time to fit it in, plus mentally it feels more achievable than slogging through a 1-hour session.


Training at The Fox Den It has got me back into regular exercise – which was my main aim


I feel stronger and healthier overall.


It has also made me structure my day/time better – especially during the lockdowns! Pete has been a godsend during the past few months. He has kept me moving and kept my fitness up.


One thing I have achieved is doing a full press-up!!!


3 Words to describe The Fox Den Fun, Tough, Motivating


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