Before I started training at The Fox Den, my health and fitness was all Fad diets and no exercise.

I chose The Fox Den because it’s personal training in a group setting was more affordable and supportive.

It also has a variety of classes and options that could be adapted for me.

In the past I have had a gym membership and 1to1 PT but nothing keeps me going. In the 1to1s I felt uncomfortable, awkward and pressured. Training at The Den is motivating and supportive. Not only from Pete but the others in the class. You can't get that in any other gym set up I have ever seen.

What is it like down at The Fox Den? Well it’s hard but empowering.

Training at The Fox Den has affected my life by being the longest I've ever stuck to an exercise plan. It is part of my life now not just an extra I try to fit in.

I have a plan now and I am working on that plan.

One thing I love and have achieved is being able to Deadlift.

3 words to describe the Fox Den, well 3 words is hard but Empowering, Motivational and like no other gym.

It is hard hitting reality with a plan


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