Before Joining The Fox Den, I hadn’t exercised in a while and was probably the most unfit I have been. I joined The Fox Den in order to lose weight and tone up for my wedding.


Pete was the reason my partner and I joined Fox Den, he is so likable, infectious, non-judgemental, really funny, authentic, and honest.


I have never lifted weights before and always thought it bulked you up which was something I was scared about. Pete really helped me work through this and weights made a really big difference to my physical appearance and fitness levels.


I love training at the fox den. Pete is infectious and even though the sessions are tough they are totally worth it. He pushes you to be the best version of yourself. The sessions are fun and he brings together such an eclectic mix of people. This is not a gym full of posers and that is exactly what I wanted.


I am much fitter. I have lost weight and I now see the huge benefits of lifting weights.


One thing I’ve achieved since starting at the Den is Lifting weights and getting past that worry.


3 Words to Describe The Fox Den, Fun, crazy, and for everyone!


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