Personalised Nutrition

Personalised Nutrition

This seems to be the thing at the present in the Nutrition Industry.

What is it?

According to the Food Standards Agency it is as follows.

Personalised nutrition: (alternatively referred to as precision nutrition) is individualised dietary advice or nutrition guidelines based on a combination of an individual's genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, including dietary habits, health status, phenotype, gut microbiome, and genotype, and focuses on health promotion.

There are loads of companies popping up throwing ads all over social media, the one you are probably more aware of is Zoe, now that one I will be getting back into in a couple of weeks, but you can safely say I don’t think much of it.

Other so called personalised nutrition diets will include blood type diets, metabolic reset type diets, gut biome, and Glucose monitoring diets.

As I said I will be going into more detail on this Zoe diet but realistically if want to know more about why this is not worth your money then you can have a listen to this podcast.

What they do is take all the information from you and then come back with some so-called personalised diet plan, something like well you shouldn’t eat this food or that food etc.

Here is the thing, none of these are cheap, they will happily rinse you of a few hundred pounds to get this information back.

Here is the deal though and the main thing to think about each of these so called personalised diets, they all generally come back with the following.

Eat more Vegetables and Fruit

Eat More Protein

Eat Unrefined Grains

Eat |Good Fats

Drink plenty of Water

Prioritise Sleep

Reduce Alcohol

All seem familiar.

Yep, because that is generally the basis of a decent balanced healthy diet and something we all should be aiming for to enable us to function well and make us feel good.

If you are using one of these to lose weight, then of course you will because their diet plan will put you in a calorie deficit and therefore enable you to lose weight.

How does it do that?

Well, it will be one of three ways.

They make sure by counting calories and measuring everything you do not consume more calories than you burn.

They remove a whole food group like carbs and then putting you into that deficit.

Restricting the window to actually eat your food, Intermittent fasting or as I like to call it skipping breakfast, meaning you have a smaller amount of time to eat and therefore putting you into a calorie deficit.

This whole personalised nutrition market at present is unregulated and so any old Tom, Dick or Harry can pitch up and flog you something for a few hundred pounds and tell you everything I mentioned above. Whereas, if you actually have a medical condition that requires a particualr way to eat, it should only be given to you by a dietician.

None of these so-called diets have a lot of research that actually backs it up, in fact the research shows it’s not needed.

Currently the people taking part are just giving data which at some point may be a good thing and show some positives but if you are going to be taking part in what is basically a trial then you should be the one being paid for it and not giving your money to someone that is just taking you for a ride.

If you follow all those points, I put above then you will be in a better place than you are. If you know your body doesn’t agree with some food type that you are consuming then and only then you should remove them from your diet, do you need some personalised nutrition company to tell you that you feel shit after consuming food types?

If however you do feel the need to take part in one of these diets and you have this money burning a hole in your pocket, and you feel the need to get rid of it, then I am more than happy to take it off your hands and once a day phone you up and tell you to sort your life out, eat better, drink more water ands stop drinking that bottle of wine a night.

Hopefully this shit will pass soon, but for some reason I doubt it, and in the meantime, they will continue to use celebrities that are already in good shape and health to flog you something that really doesn’t make too much difference to their own lives.


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