Tough Conversations part 2

Following on from our previous blog (email) about having a tough conversation.

I recently have had to have one myself.

With myself.

You see, I like to compete in OCR’s (Obstacle course racing) Think Ninja warrior type stuff but in fields and over greater distances.

Last year finishing the year in Abu Dhabi taking part in the Spartan World Championships at Age Group.

I have two more challenges I want to take part in

  • Spartan Trifecta World Championships
  • Fiso World Championships

The aim this year was to complete as many Tri fectas at Spartan as possible and finish the year in Sparta taking part.

With the Fiso one being my target for next year.

However, you compete and train enough, injuries happen and since last August I have been working around a hip issue, initially we thought it was my knee but turns out it is my hip.

I thought that maybe I could get through this season with a few injections and then get it done and sorted at the end of the season.

Alas, training for the first weekends worth of racing this year showed that this wouldn’t work. It just wasn’t right, painful etc

So, that hard conversation I have had to have with myself was the fact I could of pushed through and probably fucked it even more but I had to step back, arrange to the surgery and write of this season.

Frustrating, yes, everything was going well but some times these things are not meant to happen.

So, yeah that conversation was tough with myself because I will also have to take a bit of time out of the gym to get it fixed.

All the issues that go with it also go through your head.

But, the conversation had to happen and I had to realise that this year these things aren’t going to happen.


They will

It just means I get to come back next year, stronger and more mobile.

All targets moved to next year.

The thing is, these tough conversations we have to have could be anything.

For me it was about accepting that things aren’t going to go to plan this year but we dust off and rebuild.

Just means I have more time to rehab and more time to make the Den even better.

What is the tough conversation you need to have?

Need help with it?

You know what to do.


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