Why the FUCK not!!



I sometimes have one of those why the fuck not moments.


This does explain why my hair is blue, I have plenty of ink and have now got my own studio.


I do think we all spend a bit too much time being a little hesitant in life.


Overthinking some things and in the process of doing it we end up not doing it.


Now, sometimes these things don’t work but you learn from it and make sure you don’t do it again.


However, a vast majority of the time these things work out for the best because it is what you wanted in the long run.


The reason you don’t, well you are either worried about what others think, worries about if it doesn’t work, but what we do have to do is sit and turn that thinking into what if it does.


What if it does work out.


How would your life be if you actually achieved it and opened yourself up to these opportunities.


Recently I had another one of these why the fuck not moments.


I took part in the World OCR Championships and did alright for an old bugger, however I know I can do better, I have a new nemesis on the obstacle front.


I know I can get over it.


Now, earlier in the week I found out the World OCR Championships will once again be held in the UK at the same place as this year, so my ears pricked up, and thought I need to qualify.


Looking at the qualifying races I chose one, now don’t forget I only qualified for this year by accident and now look what has happened.


Anyway, I was looking around and most are finish in the top 10 or top 20 in your age group and then I saw this one.


Oblivion, 8.5hrs to complete as many laps as possible 12k and 90 obstacles per lap.


What do I have to do to compete in the worlds, I only need to do 3 laps, so a minimum of 36k and 270 obstacles.


So, why the fuck not.


I’ve been after something that is going to challenge me physically and mentally and this, I think is it.


So, there you go, this is my big challenge next year to get around this, I also have the Euro Championships in June and then the Worlds in Oct, with a few others dotted throughout the year for practice.


I also have a charity event to train for in March, 40 rounds of boxing, we are going to sell the rounds to clients and then they can make me do what they want in that round with all proceeds going to charity.


So, payback for them.


Why am I writing this, well for a few reasons but the main one is if there is something you have been mulling over for a while wondering whether you should do it or not, join the Pete mentality and say why the fuck not, I mean what’s the worst that could happen.


This was written back in Nov 2018, did the Oblivion and didn’t qualify for the worlds then but did at another race just after.


I also got over that obstacle that beat me on the first time in the worlds.


If you want something, say fuck it and do what you need to do to get there.


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