It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, I wasn’t sure whether to put it into two or just combine it into one.

So, we shall see how it goes.


This is about Zombieland & Zombieland Double Tap, you have to love a good movie that not only entertains but educates.

Yes educates.


Don’t sit there judging me.


You know you train in the gym, not for aesthetic looks but because you want to be fit & strong to survive that Zombie apocalypse.

Yes, it will happen; not in a Night of the Living Dead or Shaun of the Dead type way – those slow-moving, feet dragging type Zombies, but in the 28 days later virus type Zombies.


Those fast-moving fuckers that just turn up and eat you.


Brief summary of the first movie is a group of people that come together and then grow together to take on the Zombies, and in the process, kill Bill Murray (purely by accident).


4 characters are named after the place they are from, no one knows each other’s name to start with, so we have:
Columbus – The Geeky Loner

Tallahassee – The Red Neck

Wichita – The Strong Foxy Female

Black Rock – The Young Kid (sister to Wichita) with all the sweetness of a 12-year-old but all the innocence of a 25-year-old who has had to grow up quickly.


Now running through the movie is a list of rules to survive the zombie apocalypse and then in Double Tap, it’s all about 4 types of zombies.


Whilst watching it, it came to me like an epiphany, these are the parts that cross over into the gym and your health & fitness journey;

There are 33 rules to help you survive the Zombie apocalypse. We only get to hear a few of them during the film, you can find details on all of them at Zombielandrules.com yes there is a website dedicated to it.


Some of them are just brilliant and I just want to go through a few of the most important ones that will be useful for you and your fitness journey.


Rule #1 Cardio – you must do your cardio, especially if these Zombies turn out to be those fast-moving fuckers, then you are going to need to have a good cardio system and some endurance. So no messing around in the gym, don’t just think about lifting weights, mix it up with some cardio, your body will thank you in so many ways, you will look better combining them and you will be able to run faster because remember, they will eat the slow ones first.


Rule #8 Get a kick-ass partner – this helps in not just watching your back whilst fighting off Zombies, it’s good to have one in your life to help support you through any choices or changes you are looking to make. It comes in handy in the gym as well, it gives you a little bit of accountability, you start to feel like you don’t want to let the other person down so you start to up your game, this is one of the things I like about small group PT, you have those people that seem to train at the same time every week and the people around them all support each other in pushing each other forward.


Rule #9 Your bare hands – You need good grip strength to grip that weapon to cave in those Zombie’s heads, don’t forget it is about the brains. You need good grip strength to carry stuff, lift stuff and just be a badass in the gym. You can use gloves but realistically they don’t do much, chalk helps with the grip and will help you then increase that strength.


Rule #13 Shake it off – Not just a cracking song by Taylor Swift. This could be knocking those Zombies off the car whilst they are hanging off it or shaking them off hanging from your leg before they take a chunk out of you and turn on you. In the gym and during your fitness journey you will ache, you will hurt and especially at the beginning you will feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, and being a Zombie may be a better way to live at that moment. You need to just shake off those little bits and keep moving forward. Although you do need to recognise the difference between a proper injury and those little aches etc. Learn to listen to your body and learn to understand when you should rest and when you shouldn’t.


Rule #18 Limber Up – Important, need to get those muscles warmed up and loose before running or taking on a herd of Zombies, also important to warm up before doing something in the gym, get that body moving to help reduce the chances of having to do Rule #13.


Rule #20 It’s a marathon, not a sprint unless it’s a sprint, then sprint – with most people, their fitness journey and fat loss trip isn’t a sprint it is a marathon and should be looked at as a lifestyle type thing unless it is a quick weight loss requirement for a holiday or something in particular that you are looking to take part in, then get on it and get on it hard.


Rule #29 Buddy System – See Rule #8 great for accountability. Have someone you can rely on to help push you through.


Rule #32 Enjoy the little things – When the world goes to shit and the Zombie apocalypse happens a lot of the stuff we take for granted right now will go, it’s the little things that we will miss, so those little things you should enjoy, in the movie Tallahassee hunts for a Twinkie and for him that is one of those little things he just needs to enjoy. In your own life, we are so busy concentrating on the big picture we forget about the small things, these are the things we need to step back, take some time and just enjoy, it will make life a little better.


Bring those rules into your life and it will work in the gym or at home, also have a butchers at the full list of rules, take them in, memorize them, and when it happens (it will happen) you will be ready to take them on.


So, I will make this into a two-part waffle.


Spread the love people


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